Since J.D Rockefeller, families of fortunes around the world have leveraged the experience and expertise of family office advisors to build transgenerational wealth.

BRAVE’s mission is simple: help our family clients optimize their prosperity lifestyle and legacy.

A Multi-family Office is an independent full-service firm supporting multiple families to manage and maximize their entire wealth. As a commercial enterprise, a multi-family office can serve several wealthy families by providing investment, tax and estate planning, risk management, objective financial counsel/wealth advisory, trusteeship, lifestyle management, talent management, succession planning, philanthropy management, concierge services and other strategic solutions.


Fife Banks

Founder/CEO, BRAVE

Temitope Paulson

Co-founder/COO, BRAVE

Kai Orga

Partner/CIO, BRAVE

Ebenezer Allen cfe

Partner, BRAVE

Ekaette Umoh

Partner, BRAVE


My BraveWealthTM: Our Family Office Advisory series –helps different families get exposed to, and get started with our premium multi-family office solutions and exclusive investment opportunities.

Families of Fortune®: Meet with BRAVE Advisors and leading Subject Matter Experts, Connect with other wealthy families and Get exclusive deals at the upcoming 2022 Families of Fortune® Conference in a city near you.


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