You believe in GOD and you believe in yourself?

You can sell intangibles and you are comfortable in having meaningful conversations with strangers, leaders and decision-makers, C-Level executives, entrepreneurs, politicians...even billionaires.

You know that the cumulative story of your lifetime will be a function of your lifestyle. Rather than wish it was easier, you strive to be better and you commit to life-long learning. You have attained some level of self-mastery and would rather take initiative than take instructions. You are probably a multipotentialite and maybe sapiosexual?

You agree with the concept of shared and sustainable prosperity and understand that value creation is the soul of every enterprise. You are commercially aware, business oriented and entrepreneurial. In fact, you would rather run your own business than work in one. You love the sound of Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Data Science, Robotics...and you have no bias whether your office is on your smartphone, your PC or in the cloud! You agree that work should be fun and flexible.

You can listen enough to hear the solution from the challenge, you can look enough to see a universe in a speck. You believe you can turn a concept into an industry, you can lead a nation at war and you can fare well as a billionaire yootanaire!

You've got the gifts, you've for the guts and can do the grind...with little or no supervision. And your values align with ours? You care enough to dare?

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Associate Consultant, Transactions